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Bernina 830E  - Embroidery & Sewing Machine (incl. BSR) Trade In


BERNINA 830: Boundless creativity

More room for creative sewing ideas

With its generous dimensions, the BERNINA 830 offers significantly more working area than other BERNINA models –plenty of room for your creativity! Extended to 40 cm (15 in.), the BERNINA 830’s free arm leaves a generous 30 cm (12 in.) space to the right of the needle, letting you spread out your project and guide it comfortably. This generous design provides enough room even for large quilts, and ensures optimum vision and control when embroidering – with the BERNINA 830, the sewing experience is luxurious.


BERNINA Stitch Regulator for an even stitch pattern
Success guaranteed with free-motion sewing and quilting: Thanks to BSR functionality, the BERNINA 830 offers high precision at any sewing speed, with the BERNINA Stitch Regulator enabling stitches of the exact same length in straight stitch or zigzag.
Drag-and-drop stitch combination
With the BERNINA 830, it’s easy to combine stitches and adapt embroidery designs: just click on the desired design on the 830’s large color touchscreen with the touchpen, drag it over to the second design, and you’re done. This intuitive handling gives you the greatest possible freedom when combining different designs – especially advantageous when embroidering with the BERNINA 830.
Save time with the jumbo bobbin
The BERNINA 830’s jumbo bobbin offers 40 percent more thread capacity than the bobbins of other sewing-machine models. With this additional thread supply, the bobbin requires changing far less often, leaving you free to concentrate fully on your creative endeavors. Of course the BERNINA 830’s lower-thread indicator shows how much thread remains on the bobbin, and when the next change is due. And changing the bobbin is also child’s play with the 830: once you’ve opened the hinged cover, a simple press of the finger is all that’s needed to remove the bobbin and insert a new one in its place.
Creative embroidering with drag-and-drop editing
Another innovative feature of the BERNINA 830 is the drag-and-drop function, which lets you position the embroidery design precisely and with consummate ease. Simply select the design with the touchpen, drag to the right place, and drop – and you’re done. Through this intuitive operation, the BERNINA 830 embroidery machine allows you the greatest possible creative freedom and reduces effort to a minimum, leaving your mind free for creative design. Especially helpful is the BERNINA 830’s built-in embroidery tutorial, which explains all the important functions on the touchscreen.
Maximum-precision endless embroidery
Endless-embroidery designs are probably among the most demanding embroidery projects there are. The BERNINA 830 embroidery machine offers numerous functions that make endless embroidery easier, masterfully handling every challenge. Automatic size adjustment to the hoop as well as the use of reference points and placement aids offer maximum precision, so that even tricky designs placing the highest demands on the machine come out perfect every time. In addition, the BERNINA 830 embroidery machine offers a far larger embroidery area than comparable machines, thereby enabling successful embroidering even with extra-large embroidery projects.
Embroidery module included
BERNINA 830 users don’t need a PC connection when it comes to embroidering, since 150 designs and ten fonts as well as the embroidery module itself are already included as standard. Thanks to the ArtLink Embroidery Software or the upgraded, optionally available BERNINA Embroidery Software V6, your creativity will now know no bounds. As an embroidery machine, the BERNINA 830 is second to none – as witnessed not only by its breathtaking embroidery speed of up to 1,000 stitches a minute, but also by its wide range of embroidery motifs and functions which can be accessed at the touch of a finger via the 830’s large color touchscreen: horizontal and vertical combining of embroidery designs, rotating, mirroring and resizing are all accomplished in a flash.


Functionality and creativity
The BERNINA 830 was designed with two fundamental aims in mind. The first was to create an easy-to-operate sewing machine offering a high level level of comfort in use and an attractive simple design. The second was to offer a wide range of features providing maximum creative freedom for professional sewers, embroiderers, and quilters.

BERNINA 830This ambition is recognizable in the design of all of the 830’s elements – from the generously sized work area to the details of the menu navigation, which allows fast, intuitive access to all of the main functions.

Elegance and precision:
The unique functionality of the BERNINA 830 is cloaked in a contemporary, elegant design which also impresses in terms of aesthetics. The innovative combination of high-quality materials ensures robustness and durability: a sophisticated designer piece that also lives up to the highest demands made of a modern sewing machine. Let yourself be inspired by the BERNINA 830’s design – experience the unique functionality of a top-quality sewing and embroidery machine!

Features & Functions

What’s under the hood?
Our cutting-edge machines are equipped with numerous innovative functions and programs. Here, we provide you with an overview of what your preferred machine is capable of, and tell you all about the advantages of the BERNINA 830.
Not all models and accessories are available in all countries. We reserve the right to make changes in both features and design.


Widen your creative horizons with BERNINA accessories.
BERNINA offers you a wide selection of accessories that give free rein to your creativity. Choose from our extensive range of presser feet and specialty BERNINA accessories for sewing, quilting, embroidering, and serging.
Not all models and accessories are available in all countries. We reserve the right to make changes in both features and design.
Are you a proud owner of a BERNINA 830 or a BERNINA 580? In order to use the DesignWorks Software Suite and Tools, you need to install the newest Firmware Update before doing so!
Click here for the B 830 Firmware Update
Click here for the B 580 Firmware Update


Support BERNINA 830
Manual and firmware for BERNINA 830.
Instructions and tips
> Instructions and tips (PDF, 2.7 MB)

> Manual April 2012 (PDF, 29.4 MB)
> Threadguide/Lubricating Unit (PDF, 0.6 MB)

>Firmware V34.21.51