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Sewing Classes

Rea Harbus - 2 ++ Day Sewing Bliss
- Oct 13, 2022 06:00 pm

Two days of uninterrupted sewing bliss! Thursday evening, shop is closed and I will be available to guide you in selecting the perfect fabric for your garment. This should give you ample time to prewash your fabric before class next day. Friday and Saturday , we will begin by determining what size you need and complete any pattern alterations that may be required before you cut out your pattern pieces and start our sewing bliss!

Cost: $ 275.00
This may be the only bag you ever need! In this session we will focus on making the famous "Retreat Bag" . Perfect for a Christmas Presents, and various gifts for any age or gender. There is a facebook group page dedicated to its verstality! the patterns is free @

Cost: $ 65.00
3 day fitting retreat , may split into one or two day retreat depending on availabilty

Cost: $ 380.00

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