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Cherry Picking Carry Bag Panel

"Carry Bag" by Cherry Picking is here! You can sew practical shopping bags or shopping nets from the robust but light cotton fabric with printed pattern. The pattern is created by the printed pieces and you can easily go straight to the sewing machine!

Hardly anyone still accepts plastic bags when shopping, but when it comes to fruit and vegetables you often see the thin disposable bags. That does not have to be: The friendly little fruits on the bags smile at you so sweetly that you never forget them at home again! Ideal for fruit, vegetables, but also for bread and rolls! Anke even thought of the baguette. The bags are designed in such a way that you can see what's inside through the window when you pay.

From the approx. 1m high Carry Bags panel and some honeycomb tulle and cord, you can sew five practical bags in no time at all: baguette bags, bread/rolls bags and three fruit nets for fruit/vegetables with different motifs.