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bernette - b05 ACADEMY

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bernette 05 ACADEMY

Your versatile, robust, durable and powerful model

Equipped with several functions, 30 exclusive stitches and a fast motor, the b05 ACADEMY machine helps you quickly realize your craziest ideas. For complex projects that require a slower speed, you can lower the maximum sewing speed. It comes with an impressive 12 presser feet suitable for all sewing tasks, with an easy-to-install finger guard and more sewing space thanks to a large and practical extension table. Whatever ideas you want to realize tomorrow, the b05 ACADEMY machine will always be there for you.

  • Maximum sewing speed (1100 spm)
  • 30 key points
  • Super stretch stitch (Lycra) and blanket stitch
  • finger guard
  • 2 LEDs to illuminate the work surface
  • Power button with speed limit
  • 12 presser feet included
  • Top quality extension table
  • Foot pressure adjustment


hook system Drop-in
Maximum stitch length 4mm
Seam space to the right of the needle - 165mm
Needle threader Manual
Wire cutter Manual
Sewing area lighting 2 two-position LEDs
Number of points 30
Maximum sewing speed Up to 1100 spm
Power button with speed limit  Yes
Maximum stitch width 6mm
Lycra stitch and blanket stitch  Yes

Stitch Combinations 05 ACADEMY

B05 Stitch Pattern

Accessories Included:

Finger guard klein

Finger guards

The finger guard is an easy safety device and keeps your fingers away from the needle. Especially suitable for children and beginners, this presser foot perfectly completes your assortment of accessories.
502060 13 86 Kantenlineal rechts

The edging guide

With the edge guide, getting straight edges and stitching parallel seams is child's play!
502021 02 95 Knopfannaehfuss H

Button Sewing Foot

This presser foot can sew buttonholes of different sizes as well as rings and hooks. The button sewing foot has a non-slip sole to ensure that the button does not slip away from the foot.
502021 02 96 Reissverschlussfuss fur nahtverdeckte Reissverschlusse

Invisible Zipper Foot

This foot is simply ideal for sewing zippers. The zip will remain invisible for a particularly elegant look.
502021 03 24 Anschiebetisch

Free-arm extension table

Increases sewing space.
502020 81 8181 50 Spulen


These universal bobbins are available individually.
502021 03 10 Stopf und Stickfuss

Darning and embroidery foot

This foot is an expert when it comes to free-hand sewing. It is particularly suitable for darning holes or worn areas.
502021 03 02 Offener Stickfuss

Open embroidery foot

This foot makes it easy to do appliqué and embroidery work, and topstitch lines or designs.
502021 02 99 Saumerfuss K

Rolled hem foot

This special foot is intended for creating professional seams. He folds the fabric twice to form a nice rolled hem then held by the needle with a straight stitch.
502021 02 98 Schmalkantfuss

Narrow edge foot

This presser foot with a guide makes it easy to sew edges, hems and pleats. It is also used to apply cords or ribbons and to reinforce corners.
502021 02 97 Blindstichfuss F

Blindhem Foot

This foot is particularly suitable for sewing blind hems and for topstitching edges. The stitches only pierce the hem, making the seam barely visible on the right side of the fabric.
502021 03 19 Reissverschlussfuss I

Foot of zips

Thanks to its narrow shape, it facilitates the sewing of zips of all kinds. The fabric feeds evenly and the foot can pass flush with the claws.
502021 03 15 Overlockfuss E

Overlock foot

The overlock foot is ideal for making professional finishes to the edge of fabric and for sewing with overlock stitches. It is also very suitable for creating decorative cuffs in most jersey fabrics.
502021 03 18 Knopflochschlittenfuss D

Buttonhole foot

Buttonholes can be sewn in different ways, with or without cord. An unlimited number of buttonholes of the same length can be sewn.
502021 03 17 Zickzack Nahfuss T

Zigzag foot

The versatile zigzag foot is suitable for most sewing operations. It is also ideal for special sewing projects.
502021 02 92 Zickzack Nahfuss mit Gleitsohle T

Zigzag foot with sliding sole

The gliding sole ensures that hard-to-feed fabrics, eg leather, plastic, vinyl and other similar fabrics are evenly fed.