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Brother - Mobile Color Scanner - DS6000

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The Brother DSmobile 600 Portable Scanner is a powerful, compact and lightweight 600-dpi color scanner, which weighs only about 12 ounces and is smaller than a box of spaghetti.

The DSmobile 600 provides higher resolution and a faster interface than its predecessor. It provides exceptional quality scanning and easy management of documents and photos. Additional included software will also enhance and simplify your scanning needs.

This advanced technology sheet-feed scanner features a unique USB power/data interface, which avoids the need for a battery or an external power adapter. The DSmobile 600 scanner provides everything needed to scan documents from business card size to legal size documents. You can instantly transmit printed page documents via e-mail, fax or the Web. You can also scan directly to Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) format, and scan and edit images or forms anywhere, anytime.

Small, Compact Design

Measuring 1.5" in height, 2.0" in depth, and 11" in length and weighing about 12 ounces, the DSmobile 600 scanner isn't just transportable, it's ultra-portable!

Contact Image Sensor (CIS)

The DSmobile 600 uses a Contact Image Sensor (CIS) instead of the traditional Charge Coupled Device (CCD). CIS presents several advantages for a portable scanner such as smaller dimensions, lighter weight, fewer chances for mechanical breakdown and less power consumption.

Sheet-feed Design

The DSmobile 600 allows scanning of documents of various sizes from business card size to legal paper size.

Document Versatility

The DSmobile 600 uses 48-Bit true color scanner system that is also capable of 8-bit grayscale and B&W with a standard optical resolution of 600dpi - making it appropriate for high quality document and photo scanning applications.

Multifunction Capability

The DSmobile 600 offers many features including instant transmission of printed page documents via e-mail, fax or the web, copy printed material and turn them into a PC document without retyping, Scan and edit images or forms, and more

One Touch Scanning

One touch of the button on the on the DSmobile 600 will launch your choice of compatible scanning programs. Simply make a preferred scanning program your default and that one touch will initiate that program.

No External Power Adapter

The DSmobile 600 features a unique USB power/data interface, which draws power directly from the PC and avoids the need for any external power adapter.

Low Power Consumption

The DSmobile 600 consumes only 0.2W of power when in standby mode and a maximum of 2.0W of power when scanning. This makes scanning from a laptop easier even when that laptop is running from the battery.

Practically Maintenance-free Operation

The DSmobile 600 has a durable double shell design combined with few moving parts allowing this scanner to go anywhere, anytime with little or no maintenance.

Not Just a Scanner - A Powerful Scanning Package

The DSmobile 600 scanner comes with everything you need to scan, straight out of the box, and includes a powerful suite of scanning software for Windows.
  • DSmobileSCAN
    This program allows scanned documents to be automatically saved as Adobe Acrobat format files, and provides the ability to scan with just two touches of the DSmobile scanner button - one touch will initiate the program and another touch will initiate the scan of the document.
  • PageManager 7
    This popular software allows a user to scan and organize digitized files with the ability to view, edit, send and save files in many formats.
  • TWAIN Driver
    This driver allows a user to control all scanner details and settings, plus a user will have an array of scanning applications to choose from because TWAIN is compatible with any application that uses TWAIN device input.