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HQ Moxie with Pro-Stitcher Lite

Frame: Little Foot (5ft)

Price:   $ 17,499.99   $ 14,799.99  
Out of Stock

Frame: Loft (8ft)

Price:   $ 17,499.99   $ 14,799.99  
Out of Stock
This item is coming soon! Call or text (306) 585-2227 to reserve yours today.
Yes, you can! Computerized quilting in a small space! on a limited budget
Compatible with only HQmoxie and HQ Simply 16 

Pro-Stitcher Lite was designed from the ground up for the newest generation of quilting machines. Its streamlined robotics system allows hobbyists and professionals alike to finish more quilts with incredible detail and creativity. Easily operate Pro-Stitcher Lite from a touchscreen tablet computer conveniently mounted on top of the machine. Practical, straightforward, and intuitive, Pro-Stitcher Lite is the highest-quality computerized quilting system for lightweight longarm quilting machines.

Pro-Stitcher Lite Brochure

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