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Angela Walters - Quilting Is My Therapy - Softcover Book

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Take an in-depth look at the artistry of Angela Walters, a true visionary in the modern quilting movement. This coffee table book delves into her free-motion quilting journey in gorgeous detail. The best-selling author gives insight into her design process, with full-page photography of her own work and commissioned quilting for well-known designers. Learn the secrets behind Angela's stitches, as she sketches with grand details and lavish texture to complement each quilt's specific design.


Walters is a professional quilter, and her name often appears in a nine-point cutline following “quilted by” in books authored by designers. Here, the print is bold, and the quilt designs are hers as well as others'. Her story is delightful. She describes how she went from a quilt ignoramus to an expert at long-arm machine quilting. She begins with her husband's grandfather, Grandpa Ford, a quilter who helped her make her first quilt and praised her every effort along the way. She relates her mistakes and the fruits they bore. Her theme: “Even a blind squirrel gets a nut sometimes.” She annotates sample quilts, describing the stitches?wishbone, matchstick, ribbon candy?that she applies as fillers and how she fills negative space by playing off the quilt design itself. Her bricks shore up Tula Pink's “Gothic Arches.” She admits that some of her best work springs from Pink's piecing, but her own quilts, such as “Cream Wholecloth” and the painted “Legacy,” inspire too. Her attitude mimics Grandpa Ford's encouragement: “I am not sharing my story to tell you how great I am; I am trying to show you how great you can be.” Gorgeous full-page photos show off the texture and stitch of this intricate craft. Color photos. ? Publishers Weekly, 9/19/2016

Angela Walters is renowned in the quilting world for her quilting and this book is a compilation of some of her favourite quilts that show the range of her designs. It takes us through Angela's quilting career, which she tells in a delightfully humorous and humble manner. Some of her favourite quilts are showcased, with plenty of close up photographs to really show off the quilting, and detailed explanations of the quilting process. She includes many of her own quilts, as well as customer quilts, including a number of Tula Pink's masterpieces. This book is an excellent showcase of Angela's work, and while there are no specific how-tos or guides (she has covered that in her numerous previous books), it is an inspiration for machine quilters everywhere. Just looking at her thread choices, the way she mixes designs and the way she accentuates the piecing with the quilting will bring any quilter many new ideas and inspiration. ? 
Make Modern, Issue 13

Truly eye-candy for quilters! Celebrated quilter Angela Walters shares some of her favourite personal quilts in this coffee-table worthy book. With incredibly detailed images?and plenty of them?you'll find inspiration on every page. ? 
Quilter's Connection, Winter 2016/2017

I have admired all Angela Walters' books but this one has me mesmerized. That gorgeous cover is soft to the touch and I keep stroking it – it is almost like a piece of fabric. This is a collectible book of the stitches and quilts created by this amazing machine quilt artist. See how she chooses free-motion stitches to adorn her quilts. Such a magnificent book with incredible knock-out photography. Includes beginnings, hand to machine quilter, going pro, go big, back to the future, about the author, Special detail has been paid to extra thick paper and a cover with flap and it is simply superb in a word. It's like stitch combining to accommodate the quilt design and enhance perfectly with stitch. Sharing her fabulous skills for all to see what they too can achieve. This is all about the beauty of quilting, highlighting the stitch. It's not what you do, it's the way that you do it. Angela does it so fine. It is not a step-to-step free-motion instruction manual, but Angela talking about her incredible journey to be one of the best quilters. Highly recommended. ?, 12/16/2016

Modern quilter Angela Walters give insight into her quilting processes with full-page photographs that are total eye candy. Learn how she adds detail to specific designs and spaces with quilting. ? 
American Patchwork & Quilting, February 2017

If Angela Walters is your quilting hero, then Quilting Is My Therapy: Behind the Stitches with Angela Walters will be on your must-have list. It's a coffee-table volume filled with beautiful photos of her quilts (no project instructions), along with narrative about the design processes. As a self-taught quilter, she had no intention of doing it as a career, but her story is a testament to perseverance and networking as today Walters quilts for many major names in the quilting industry. ? 
American Quilt Retailer, October 2016

Angela is a well-known name in quilting circles, and this is a brilliant book on quilting. We can get up close and personal with her quilts as each one featured is photographed beautifully so that you can see every wonderful stitch. At the same time, we get to learn more about her and how she has grown her business. She is very generous in letting us into her world and sharing her ideas, and has a friendly style to her writing. It's always interesting to read about someone's honest journey, to peek behind the scenes and understand all the hard work that goes into their success. Even if you don't read a word, this book is worth is just to look at the fantastic quilting. ? 
Down Under Quilts, 167

About the Author

Angela Walters is a machine quilter who loves teaching others to use free-motion techniques to bring out the best in their quilts. Published in numerous magazines and books, she believes that “quilting is the funnest part!”

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