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Bernina Embroidery Software - V7 DesignerPlus

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BERNINA Embroidery Software 7


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BERNINA Embroidery Software 7

A new dimension of creativity

With the latest version update V7.0T your embroidery software will be partially executable under Windows 10. The functionality of the embroidery software under Windows 10 cannot be guaranteed, as Corel DRAW X6 is no longer supported by the manufacturer under Windows 10. Therefore, BERNINA cannot provide support for the embroidery software V7 in conjunction with Windows 10, but experience has shown that the embroidery software V7 should work under Windows 10.
The function of the automatic fabric settings (auto fabrics) has been extendedand can now be manually activated or deactivated. It makes embroidery easier and improves the stitch quality, while adjusting settings specifically to the fabric.
To test the function, we provide you according to the winter season three snow stars as free download. These free-standing lace designs have no underlay stitches. Other such embroidery designs and stabilizers can be found on under the search terms free-standing lace and wash away stabilizer.
Information to Update V7.0T:
The zip file below contains three free embroidery designs, installation and release notes, and further explanations for the automatic fabric settings.



Combine embroidery with PunchWork for incredible 3D effects. Add PunchWork details to a newly created or existing embroidery design in just one click. DesignerPlus 7 allows you to create felted needle punch right in the hoop.


Turn a flat embroidery design into a three-dimensional masterpiece. Add petals to flowers for a naturalistic effect; create a flip flop design fit to be worn. DesignerPlus 7 brings your embroideries to life.


Create embroidered effects that stand out in the crowd with raised Trapunto embroidered elements. Select areas of your embroidery design to apply the raised satin stitching for stunning effects. DesignerPlus 7 in combination with your embroidery machine will take your creativity to the next level.

CorelDraw® Essentials X6 included

With BERNINA Embroidery Software 7, enhance your creativity with the power of CorelDraw® Essentials X6. Apply special effects to artwork, add text, shapes, freehand draw elements or trace bitmaps for unique multimedia projects. Use the Automatic Digitizing tool to easily turn artwork from various graphic formats into an embroidery design in just one click.

Color Wheel and Color Management

Preview your design in a variety of color ways quickly and easily with the Color Wheel. The software will select the perfect color match from the built-in thread charts. Whatever your favorite thread brand, the thread management feature will choose the compatible color number.

Style Preview

The Style Preview offers a realistic view of how the embroidery will match with real articles. You can choose from a diverse selection of articles for men, women and children. The realistic representation enables you to determine how to best proportion your embroidery in relation to the cloth.


Puffy lettering allows you to make your embroidery even more expressive. Create lettering with the 3D puffy alphabet and achieve beautiful 3D effects. The following fonts are available: 3D Comica, 3D Commonwealth, 3D Drumm and 3D Futurism.

Embroidery Software 7 Freebies

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