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Bernina Q 16 With Sit Down Table

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Table: Koala Cabinet - White Ash

Price:   $ 14,899.00   $ 10,699.00  
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Table: Koala Cabinet - Golden Teak

Price:   $ 14,899.00   $ 10,699.00  
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Table: Horn Lift Table

Price:   $ 17,999.00   $ 12,499.00  
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Table: Foldable Table

Price:   $ 12,299.00   $ 8,999.00  
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Not Compatible With a Frame

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Q Series Sit-Down Models

With different table options

  • 16" & 20" throat space for big quilt projects
  • Unique digital thread tension adjustment
  • Easy threading, independent bobbin winder
  • Quilting without foot control
  • Stitch Regulation for perfect stitches

The BERNINA Q Series Sit-Down Models – Q 16, Q 16 PLUS and Q 20

"The perfect match for Longarm lovers like me"
Quilt designer Amanda Murphy talks about the BERNINA Q 16 PLUS.

Amanda Murphy has a passion for designing and creating quilts on her BERNINA Q16 PLUS. While her studio is small, the roomy quilting space of the Q16 PLUS adds convenience and ease to her creative process. Like Amanda, you’ll love the fast 2,200 stitches per minute as well as the three modes of the BERNINA Stitch Regulator.

Small Spaces. Big Ideas.

Small Spaces. Big Ideas.

The BERNINA Q 16 (PLUS) and Q 20 are longarm quilting machines and only differ in the length of the throat space and the maximum sewing space.

  • Q 20 has a throat space of 20 inches
  • Q 16 & Q 16 PLUS have a throat space of 16 inches

The machines can be paired with a standard or height-adjustable cabinet or with a foldable, height-adjustable table. The BERNINA Q 16 PLUS and Q 20 are compatible with the BERNINA Studio Frame if an upgrade to a Quilt Frame is desired.

Hand-guided quilting made easy

  • Precise regulated stitches (in BSR mode)
  • Four different modes for full flexibility
  • Simple customization via touch screen

Thanks to the integrated BERNINA Longarm Stitch Regulator you achieve perfect stitches at equal-length no matter which speed you move the fabric. A manual mode with no stitch regulation is also available.

Unique user interface

  • Simple-to-navigate touch screen
  • Individual settings for full comfort
  • Built-in tutorials offer full assistance
Totally customizable, the user interface includes useful functions, such as five user profiles, a stitch counter, and built-in tutorials regarding maintenance.

Q 16 & Q 16 PLUS

  • Spacious 16" workspace
  • Cabinet and table options
  • Built-in BERNINA Stitch Regulator (BSR)

The BERNINA Q 16 and Q 16 PLUS have more throat space than your domestic machine, a spacious 16 inches. Pair them with a foldable, height-adjustable table and the machines meet and exceed all your small space, big quilting needs. Furthermore, the BERNINA Q 16 PLUS, as well as the Q 20, can be used as a frame model together with the BERNINA Studio Frame. 

Quilting without the foot control

  • Fatigue-free quilting whenever you like
  • Enjoy full comfort and relax your foot
  • Perfect for creating large projects

The KickStart function allows you to quilt continuously without having to hold down the foot control. The KickStart function can be easily activated or deactivated via touch screen.

Fast threading and winding

Fast threading and winding

  • Threading becomes a child's play
  • Enjoy comfort all the way
  • Wind your own bobbin in no time
The well-positioned spool holders and forward threading path are easy to reach and simple to follow. The on-board bobbin winder makes it convenient to wind your own bobbins.

Unique thread tension control

Unique thread tension control

  • Adjust thread tension digitally
  • Tension release for threading ease
  • No external tension assembly required
The exclusive tension system features numeric tension settings making it very easy to use a wide range of thread types with success, no external tension assembly required.

Beautiful stitches every time

Beautiful stitches every time

  • Achieve precise stitching results
  • Stitches are always consistent
  • Perfection is the new standard
With high-speed precision stitching, you will complete more quilts quicker than ever.

Ergonomics matter

Ergonomics matter

  • Full operation from the front
  • Different table options available
  • Easy manual needle positioning

The machine can be fully operated from the front. The handwheel in the front allows for easy manual needle positioning. Choose between different table options to best suit your preferences.

Working with bright lights

Working with bright lights

  • Naturally illuminated working area
  • Sufficient lighting even in darker rooms
  • Perfect illumination of the quilting area

50 bright LED lights along the throat space of the machine and above the needle illuminate the quilt for enhanced visibility.

Upgrade your Q 20 & Q 16 PLUS

Upgrade your Q 20 & Q 16 PLUS

  • The Q 20 and Q 16 PLUS are frame ready
  • Enjoy stand-up frame quilting
  • Different frame sizes available

Place your Q 20 or Q 16 PLUS Sit Down any time on one of the many frame options and enjoy free-hand stand-up quilting.

The Quilt Frame for limited space

The BERNINA Studio Frame is a modular frame, consisting of a 5-foot basic frame and a 5-foot extension, offering a spacious 10-foot frame when mounted completely. The BERNINA Studio Frame is compatible with the Q 16 PLUS  & Q 20.

Throat space Q 20: 20"
Q 16(PLUS): 16"
Hook system M Class Rotary Hook
Maximum sewing speed (stitches per minute) Q 20/Q 16 PLUS: 2200
Q 16: 2000
Color touch screen 4.3" / 109 mm
Presser foot lift Electronic
Thread tension Electronically/digitally adjustable
Lower thread indicator  Yes
Stitch length maximum in mm 25.4 mm (1 stitch per inch)

Product brochure – All information at a glance


Choose your favorite table solution to suit your home situation best

The BERNINA Q 20, Q 16 and Q 16 PLUS come standard as sit-down model machines, but we offer a variety of tables tailored to your individual needs. The quality, which is verified by BERNINA, ensures that the table can optimally handle both the speed and the weight of the machines.

Standard Cabinet
Lift Table
Foldable Table
Q 20  Yes  Yes  Yes
Q 16 / Q 16 PLUS  Yes  Yes  Yes
91 cm × 114 cm
118 cm × 90 cm
119 cm × 88 cm
Working height
76 cm
Customized positions from 73 - 106 cm
71, 76 and 81 cm
Key feature
Expandable to 195 cm
Electronically height-adjustable Height adjustable

Included Accessories

Unleash your creativity with the included accessories.

Darning Foot #9

The special shape of this multi-purpose hopping foot makes it particularly suitable for all free-motion quilting necessities.

Bobbin Case M Class

Bobbin case for the BERNINA Q Series longarm machines.

Bobbins M Class

The BERNINA M class bobbins have been especially developed for the Q Series machine and ensure a smoothly running. 

Silicone Fluid

The use of the Thread-lubrication Unit is particularly recommended when working with metallic and loosely twisted threads.

Oil Pen

Regular care ensures that your longarm quilting machine runs smoothly.