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Emmaline - Metal Edge Trim "A" For Purses - Gold

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Okay these are awesome!! I was looking for that perfect thing to give my purse, bag and wallets that perfect flash of "amazing" - and I think I have found it.?

I've?designed these particular front flap trim pieces to be used specifically with thinner materials and quilting cottons. They can still be used with leather and vinyl, not a worry - but we've created these to only have a 1/8" (3 mm) channel so your fabric will fit in nice and tight - AND we've done them all with screw holes in the back to secure them on tightly. - Janelle

  • Simply trace the metal trim onto your paper pattern piece first, and then ADD your seam allowance on second by measuring with a ruler. This way, you will have the perfect shape and a nice fit.?
  • Interfacing and stabilizer is recommended in your front flap piece.
  • After your front flap is complete and turned right side out, check your trim piece for fit, adjust if necessary, and topstitch if desired.
  • Slide the metal bar on again and screw in place - do not pre-cut holes for screws, but put them right through the fabric.?
  • You may want to use clear, fast-grab glue in the channel to secure. You may need a small flat screw driver to press fabric into the channel if it's tight.
  • Show off your gorgeous bag and share pictures on instagram with the hashtag #emmalinehardware.?


  • Overall Width:?6 3/8" (16 cm) x Depth at Center:?1 1/2" (38 mm)
  • Channel: 1/8" (3 mm)